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Jewellery Cleaning

We understand that keeping your jewellery in immaculate condition is near on impossible. That’s why we offer a range of different cleaning services to suit the jewellery you have. Most cleaning services can be done in-store on the same day, or more intense cleaning processes can be done within a few days.

No appointment needed, just pop into one of our stores for more information.

In-store services

Cleaning Silver Jewellery

All metals react with oxygen in the air. Silver however, seems to react faster and can fairly quickly turn black in colour. This process is called oxidisation – some people pay for this!

If your favourite piece of jewellery turns black, there are several ways you can bring it back to it’s natural shine.

We have a range of dips, foams and cloths online and in store that are available for purchase, or if you don’t have the time, we can do it all for you for a small, hassle-free fee.

In-store services

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Everyday products such as soaps and hand sanitizers can leave residue on your precious gems, causing them to look ‘cloudy’. These can usually be easily restored to their original sparkle by taking a soak in our ultrasonic cleaner.

This specialized piece of equipment uses high frequency waves to shake loose any dirt that accumulates under your gems, allowing light to enter the stone and create the spectacular sparkle once more.

Most gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, however not all are. Our knowledgeable team will advise you of this in-store.

No appointment needed – usually completed the same day.

In-store services


Certain pieces of jewellery such as rings and bangles often get small superficial scratches due to their constant contact with other surfaces.

Make your jewellery feel brand new again with a professional buff, bringing your jewellery back to it’s perfect shine. This service is completed in our Alexandra store and therefore can take a few days if picking up from our Queenstown store.

External Services

Rhodium Plating

All white gold is rhodium plated. Gold is a naturally yellow metal and so once mixed with different alloys, it becomes a grey metal.

To give it the bright white shiny finish we all know and love, it is then plated in rhodium. As a plating, rhodium does eventually wear off. This can be prolonged by not being worn in the shower, avoiding cosmetic products and not being worn in bed however, you may find that you want to restore it to its original shine.

This is a very easy process where we send your jewellery to our Master Jewellers who will quote to rhodium plate your jewellery.

External Services


Gold plated jewellery also has the inevitable effect that eventually its plating will wear off.

Like rhodium plating, this can be prolonged by avoiding cosmetic products and not being worn in the shower or in bed, but should you find that the plating is wearing off we can send it to one of our reputable suppliers who specialise in gold plating jewellery.

External Services

Watch Refinishing

We want you to wear and enjoy your favourite watches. That’s why we understand that from time to time, the outer case of your watch may start to get a little scratched.

Our experienced watchmakers will have your watch looking good as new and it will be back on your wrist in no time!

External Services

Stone Refinishing

Precious gemstones are exactly that – precious.
We want you to love and wear your jewellery at every opportunity, however some stones are more prone to scratching and damage.

Each stone is different – some can be repolished or recut to remove those unwanted superficial blemishes. For larger/deeper damage that is unrepairable, we also offer a stone replacement service. Pop and see us in store and speak to our friendly team for more advice.