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Your Local Watch Specialists

Here at Jamies, our highly skilled technicians specialise in a multitude of watch repairs. These include battery replacements, pressure testing, greasing or replacing gaskets and strap replacements or adjustments as well as more detailed repairs to get you wearing that watch again!

In-Store Services

Watch Battery Replacement

We only use high quality Energizer batteries that come in sealed packets. We believe in them that much that we even give you a 1 year guarantee and will replace your battery for free if it stops within the year. Most battery replacements can be done in-store, while you wait or whilst you do your shopping!

There’s no need to make an appointment, just pop in and we will have your watch back to you as fast as possible!

In-Store Services

Watch Straps & Bracelets

We have a large range of watch straps in-store to suit any watch or style. Whether you’re in need of a leather strap for your dress watch, a resin strap for your G-Shock or a metal bracelet for ease and comfort, we have you covered. All our watch straps can be fitted to your watch free of charge, in-store and while you wait.

In-Store Services

Small Repairs & Adjustments

Pins are the backbone that keep your watch securely on your wrist. Pins often wear and can cause the watch to detach from the band or come apart. We can replace pins and spring bars in-store and ensure the safety of your favourite watch.

Adjustments are also a service we provide in-store whilst you wait. If the metal strap on your watch (old or new) is too big, we can adjust the strap to make it fit your wrist perfectly.

External Services

Full Watch Service

Sometimes your watch needs servicing, just like a car engine. If your watch stops or loses/gains time and needs a service, we will send it away to our fully qualified watch makers to give you a quote of any work that needs doing.

A full service includes a full overhaul of the movement of your watch. Our watchmakers will replace all necessary minor parts inside the watch, lubricate any parts that have become slow or stopped moving and give you a 1 year guarantee on any work they carry out.

External Services

Watch Glass Replacement

A chipped or cracked glass can cause tiny shards to get caught on the dial which in turn could cause your hands to get stuck. This can often lead to of damage to the internal workings of the watch leading to rust with limited repair options.

To prevent this, bring your watch in as soon as you can so we can send it away to our highly skilled watch makers who will give us a quote to replace your damaged glass.

External Services

Dial Repairs

The tiny little hands on your watch that tell you the time are a very delicate part of the movement. They are so carefully balanced in place that even a small knock can cause them to come loose. When they become loose in the dial, they can cause issues with time-keeping which can lead to damage of the movement.

Get ahead of this by bringing your watch in so we can send it away to our highly skilled watchmakers who will give us a quote to rebalance the hands or repair the dial

In-Store Services

Pressure Testing

Most watches have some degree of water resistance. If you use your watch in water for activities such as swimming and your watch has a resistance rating of 50m or above, it would be advisable to have your watch pressure tested after battery replacement or anytime you have the back off the watch to ensure you can continue to use it for your favourite water activities. This can be done in our Alexandra store for any watches up to 100m water resistance or will just take a few short days from our Queenstown store.

Please note, NO watches should be used in the shower as the steam can cause damage to the seals and lead to your watch letting in moisture.